Twix Spread Has Us Forgetting All About Cookie Butter

There are so many spreads out there that are basically just candy you can put on your toast. Nutella is classic, and cookie butter has long been a staple o weekly Trader Joe's shopping lists. Recently, even Oreos were made into a spreadable treat thanks to world renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel and the #MyOreoCreation contest. Each one of these spreads is a decadent addition to so many different meals, but we just found out that there's another spread out there that's literally made from candy. It's called Mars Twix Spread, and it's a Twix candy bar in a totally different form.
Twix Spread is like a deconstructed Twix bar that's packed into a jar so you can enjoy it on anything your heart desires. According to PopSugar, the spread contains chocolate, caramel, and cookie pieces. It's also made with milk, sugar, flour, butter, and cocoa. Just the thought of piling this dreamy spread on a crêpe or dipping some strawberries in the jar has us ready to track down the product ASAP.
Last year, Business Insider reported that Mars released Twix Spread in grocery stores across the U.K. However, PopSugar says it can now be found in America at World Market. It looks like you can also order it on Amazon. While researching how we can add this product to our dessert butter collection, we found out that Mars actually has quite a few candy-inspired spreads on store shelves in the U.K., Canada, and Australia.
There's a Malteser Chocolate spread, which seems to be a basic chocolate spread with chunks of the malted milk balls inside. Mars also makes something called Bounty Spread which is a milky concoction containing coconut flakes. And, Business Insider says there's even a Milky Way Spread out there. We are so jealous that shoppers in other countries see all these different spreads at their regular grocery stores every time they shop, but at least we now know where to buy Twix Spread in America, and of course, we'll always have that trusty cookie butter.

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