A Guy Included His Friend On A Group Text With His Crush For "Moral Support"

You know the nerve-wracking, twist-your-guts feeling of telling someone you're into them when you're not positive that they're also into you? Don't you just wish you could bring your best friend with you in that moment so they can hold you up if it all comes crumbling down?
Well, one guy may have figured out how to do that.
A woman who goes by @GHINA, on Twitter posted screenshots from a conversation she had with a man via text. He just wanted to tell her that he has "a massive crush" on her. The weird part? There was another guy included on the text as well.
Ghina was understandably confused and asked if the guy was bisexual (and also, it would seem, polyamorous) and declaring his love for both of them.
The guy assured her that he only had eyes for her, and the other guy was there for "moral support." She simply replied with, "LMAOOOO ARE YOU SERIOUS" and later posted the conversation online with a bunch of question marks.
Ghina tells Refinery29 that she thought the situation was funny, but was "a little shook." Ultimately, she didn't take it too seriously because the guy is a friend of hers and she knows "he's a jokester."
FWIW, his friend did a great job as a support system, saying, "I'm here for you man. Do your thing."
While the guy didn't get a date out of it β€” Ghina says she just not interested in him β€” plenty of people found the move kind of adorkable.
Ghina's tweet has been retweeted more than 27,000 times as of writing, and liked more than 70,000 times. Some people think the move is so genius, they've decided to call on their own friends for similar text conversations.
It also seems that this Ghina's friend isn't the first to come up with such a genius idea. Someone pulled the same thing last year with a girl who replied to the tweet.
For anyone who feels the need to pull a friend into the convo next time you text a crush, rest assured that Ghina told us she would accept a date with someone who had this sense of humor, if only she was interested.
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