See All The Foods From Harry Potter In One Quick Video

Photo: Photofest Digital.
Yesterday, those of us whose childhoods were profoundly affected by Harry Potter — that's pretty much every millennial, right? — celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the first book’s release. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two decades since J.K. Rowling first blessed us with the world-changing story of “the Boy Who Lived,” but regardless of how old the anniversary made us feel, we were still eager to celebrate any way we could.
For most of us, that meant re-watching one — or several — of the movies or writing long, rambling Facebook statuses about the impact Rowling’s Wizarding World has had on our lives. However, the folks over at the news aggregating website Digg went in another direction. They chose to concentrate on one specific — and very important — aspect of the series, the food, and do what they do best, create a video around that.
Yesterday, on the Harry Potter-versary, Digg posted a video entitled "Noms In The Potterverse." The video, which we found with help from Eater, is a little under three minutes, but shows nearly 20 different food-related scenes from the Harry Potter movies and the Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them prequel. Accompanying the video, Digg wrote, "To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, we found all of the ways that food acts as a force for good in the Potterverse. From hopping chocolate frogs to snacks that make your face inflate, food is the tastiest ally to our heroes."
Here, Digg makes a very good point. Without cupcakes filled with Polyjuice Potion and mouthfuls of Gillyweed, who knows what would have become of Harry Potter and his pals. And, the series certainly wouldn't have been as much fun without all the magical sweets from Honeyduke's. Keep the 20-year celebration going by reliving all the magical cravings from the series.

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