Gordon Ramsay Just Insulted This American School Lunch Staple & Twitter Is Mad

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
No one is as charmed by Gordon Ramsay as we are. However, even we’ve thought, on occasion, that one day he might go a step too far. With all his ranting, raving, and cursing, he was bound to eventually say something that would really people mad. Well, it turns out, we were right. That time has finally come.
Last week, a Twitter user called @punknoelle, tagged Chef Ramsay in a tweet that said, "this was my school lunch a couple weeks ago. it's suppose to be cheese filled breadstick." Attached to the tweet was an image of a dish most Americans recognize. It's a staple in school cafeterias around the country and looks a lot like a popular add-on when ordering from any pizza chain. We're of course talking about cheesy bread.
Like so many others, this users was clearly trying to get a rise out of Gordon Ramsay, but they probably didn't expect the rest of America to get wound up over the Tweet too. That's exactly what happened because a few hours later, Ramsay retweeted the photo with a savage two word response. He simply wrote, "Change Schools."
Immediately after Gordon Ramsay's response hit the Twittersphere, people started responding in order to let him know that these cheesy breadsticks were about the only thing that got most of us through our years of schools.
Okay, so granted this specific picture isn't exactly artfully shot. And maybe nostalgia is swaying the internet, but can you really ever go wrong when dealing with cheese and bread? It's hard to imagine that combo truly being bad? Though, now we're extremely curious to know what Chef Ramsay's take on an elementary school cheese stick would be. If you're reading this, Chef, please send us your recipe!

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