This Mayor Did The Best Thing To Help Constituents Escape Record Heat

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People do plenty of complaining about the government not being able to get anything done. Bureaucracy is slow-moving and opposing parties are constantly keeping one another from achieving their respective goals. However, in Tucson, it seems there’s one issue all leaders and constituents can agree on and that’s the need for refreshing watermelon drinks. Luckily, Tucson has someone in charge that’s helping his city get that need fulfilled. According to Food & Wine, Tucson’s Mayor, Jonathan Rothchild, recently made it his mission to get a beloved Arizona restaurant, Eegee's, to once again start selling its popular frozen Watermelon drink as a way to help get everyone through a unpleasant, record-breaking heatwave.
For those not from the Tucson area, Eegee's is a chain known for it’s eponymous frozen fruit drinks and every month, it releases a “Flavor of the Month.” Apparently, July’s flavor of the month, Watermelon, is extremely popular, so Mayor Rothchild formerly requested that the chain release the flavor a few days before the official end of June in hopes that the drink would help citizens get through the heatwave. According to the Arizona Daily Star, Rothchild said in a speech last week, "As a long-time local restaurant with an iconic product — the Eegee, (I am asking them) to provide to our citizens, as they often do in the summer, one of the most popular drinks in the community — which is the watermelon Eegee. When it gets as hot as it is, the demand for watermelon Eegee goes almost as high as the thermometer, and I am asking that Eegee's put out — early perhaps — in the interest for the good of the Tucson public, the watermelon Eegee's."
The Mayor's watermelon drink speech took place last Wednesday, and just one day later, the chain's COO, Don Weymer, wrote a response via email. Joe Ferguson, a City Hall reporter for the Tucson Star, shared Weymer's response on Twitter, and in it, Weymer wrote, "We agree, it's too hot not to have that in the stores, and overnight we made it happen." A limited supply of Watermelon Eegees were available at restaurants just one day after Rothchild made his request. Finally, a story of the government giving tax-payers what they want and need.

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