Pinkberry Discontinued Oprah's Favorite Flavor & She Wasn't Having It

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Oprah Winfrey gets what she wants because well, she's Oprah Winfrey. She's basically an earth-dwelling goddess who is constantly paying it forward, which means she deserves to have all her wildest needs met. So, last month, when Oprah found out that her favorite flavor of Pinkberry frozen yogurt had been discontinued, she embarked a whole saga to get herself some more, and since she's Oprah, the journey, of course, has a happy ending.
"Pinkberry Gate," as Oprah has jokingly called it, all started at the beginning of May when she went to her local Pinkberry to get a cup of her favorite frozen yogurt flavor, Lemon. Unfortunately, when she got there, she couldn't find the flavor. Oprah was understandably upset, but since she's a media mogul, she knew exactly what to do to get some answers. She tweeted at Pinkberry and wrote, "can it be true??? You've STOPPED making Lemon. That's what I was told as my local Pinkberry. WHY?" The tweet included a lot of emojis and all-caps words, so it was very clear just how distressing the flavor's disappearance was.
Wwo hours later, Pinkberry's twitter account responded. The response said, "Miss @Oprah, it's true. As a fab #Pinkberry fan, a special lemon delivery is coming to you and Team O @OWNTV!
Since that was almost two months ago, and we hadn't heard anymore about it, we assumed the situation had been laid to rest. Oprah was most likely still sad that she wouldn't be able to purchase cups of Lemon Pinkberry on the regs anymore but was satisfied with her lemon-themed parting gift from the chain. But, we were wrong.
Last night, Oprah posted a video to Instagram that explained what happened after she expressed her disappointment that the flavor was gone. The video starts with her saying, "As you all know, there was Pinkberry Gate a while back. There was no Lemon Pinkberry at my local Pinkberry, uh, dealership." Can we all just take a minute to appreciate that phrasing? Anyways, she continued, saying that a rep from Pinkberry named Jessica heard about the situation, and decided the company needed to throw a Pinkberry party for Oprah. Jessica, who was in the video, explained that Lemon is no longer available nationwide because it was created as a "limited time spring offer." To that, Oprah exclaims, "WE WANT SPRING ALL THE TIME!" And, Jessica tells her, "You will have it all the time." That's right, this whole saga ends with Oprah's local neighborhood Pinkberry supplying the limited time Lemon flavor all year round just for her. See, this is definitive proof that what Oprah wants, Oprah (rightfully) gets.

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