This Pouch Is Like A First-Aid Kit For Your Pimples

We all have that one friend who shows up to every party, date, or interview like Mary Poppins armed for a zombie apocalypse. Their bottomless bag holds all the essentials: snacks, Advil, Tums, tampons, safety pins, double-sided tape just in case of a fashion emergency — the works. But even the most well-prepared person can feel underprepared when it comes to planning ahead for a pimple.
For starters, acne can be unpredictable. One second you're clear-skinned, sitting outside eating lunch with your girlfriends, and the next you're staring at an out-of-nowhere bump on your chin in the bathroom mirror. What's worse, the only thing that's almost as unsightly as your newfound whitehead is the pharmaceutical-looking jars of acne treatment sitting on your vanity table at home. No way you're taking up precious space in your tiny purse for that atrocity, are we right?
But for all you acne-prone folks out there, get excited: Renee Rouleau, aesthetician to the stars, is introducing a better and — gasp! — more attractive solution. Aptly called the Emergency Zit Kit, this cute and colorful makeup pouch comes equipped with everything you need to treat your breakouts on the go: Blemish Gel (for your standard blackheads and whiteheads), Spot Lotion (to treat 'em before bedtime), Fading Gel (for any lingering hyperpigmentation), and of course, my personal ride-or-die zit zapper, the Anti-Cyst Treatment (for the very evil, underground ones).
It even comes with cotton swabs, facial lancets, finger cots, and skin-clearing advice: "I was compelled to create [it] since so many people are treating their blemishes incorrectly —making them last way longer than they are meant to," she says. "Every type of blemish goes through a cycle and it’s important to treat each blemish with the exact type of product at the appropriate time. This kit teaches you exactly how to do that so it subsides quickly with minimal damage." We know the word 'miracle' gets thrown around a lot in the beauty world, but in this case, every item in the loot lives up to the hype.
We have a feeling Rouleau was one of those Mary Poppins types.
Renee Rouleau Emergency Zit Kit, $153, available at Renee Rouleau on June 26.

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