Watch This Woman Hula Hoop With Her Nose & Her Hair

Brookelynn Bley's Instagram bio, Queen of the Rings, is probably the most apt description of a person to ever exist. After picking it up only four years ago, Bley has mastered the art of hula hooping and now performs tricks that seem to defy the laws of physics.
Like, for instance, this new video of her hula hooping β€” with her nose.
In the video, posted to Instagram last week, Bley flawlessly passes her hoop from one bun, to her nose, to the other bun and emits an adorable squeal of delight at what she just accomplished.
"I've never seen anyone do this bun-nose-bun pass," she wrote. We haven't, either.
That trick is beyond impressive, but certainly isn't Bley's first foray into mind-blowing hula hoop stunts.
Her Instagram page is loaded with videos of herself doing tricks over the last few years. Some of them β€” like this 30 pound, full-body rainbow slinky β€” are downright ridiculous.

πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸŒˆβš‘οΈ Slinky from @hoopologie Special thanks to @hilliahulahoops for teaching me how to assemble this 30lb giant πŸ’•

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And others, like this light-up routine, are just beautiful.

😎😎custom reflective hoop from @littleserenityshop πŸ’œ

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And, yes, it takes A LOT of practice. You don't become such an amazing hula hooper over night. Bley has said that she spends up to three or four hours practicing every day.
Hula hooping is so much more than a hobby for Bley, who performs with her hoops across the country, Business Insider reports. She hopes to someday perform for Cirque du Soleil.
We'd say she has a pretty good shot.
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