Watch This 2-Year-Old Girl & Her Dad Prove That Hugs Have Healing Power

Tiara Vazquez might just be one of the most adorable two-year-olds to ever exist.
Her father, Popiando Vazquez, is an Uber driver from the Bronx and he often leaves his camera on while driving, he told FOX 5. That results in a lot of adorable videos of Tiara, who seems to have a bit of a following.
If she didn't have a following before, though, she certainly does now.
The little girl has stolen the hearts of millions after her father posted a video of her crying uncontrollably to Instagram.
While that might not seem like the cutest thing for her to do, Tiara's reaction to her dad's pep talk and consoling hug makes the video almost too sweet to watch.
Vazquez told FOX 5 that Tiara was upset because her friends had told her that she's "bad."
While she initially asks for her mom, Tiara is calmed when her dad continues to say, "talk to me. what happened," and then asks if she needs a hug.
"my shorty got sense and logic just sometimes needs to express herself with wordplay that I'm unfamiliar with! ??? sometimes these women just need a hug," Vazquez wrote on Instagram.
Commenters on the video have a lot feelings: feeling sad and happy at the same time, and we get it.
But Vazquez's claim that sometimes people just need a hug isn't just wisdom from a good father — it's actually been proven by science.
Kind, consoling touches from loved ones — like holding hands or getting a hug — send a rush of oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone,” through your body.
So the next time a friend or loved one is upset (and as long as they're okay with it), consider giving them a hug. It really does have the power to heal.
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