The "LGBTQAlphabet" Shows How Diverse The LGBTQ Community Is

To celebrate Pride Month, Equinox has released a short film called "LGBTQAlphabet: Six Letters Will Never Be Enough" in order to celebrate the diversity within the LGBTQ community. Produced in collaboration with the LGBT Community Center, the film showcases voices that give meaning to different identities and experiences based on letters of the alphabet, including "B" for bisexual and "M" for masc.
The A-Z themed video is meant to expand the definition of what it means to be a part of the LGBTQ community, and to provide a fuller representation of the myriad of experiences that queer people can have.
The film is part of Equinox's "Commit To Something" campaign, which seeks to explore personal identity. Earlier this year, the campaign featured a model showing off mastectomy scars after surviving cancer.
LGBTQAlphabet shows 26 different voices speaking to what each identity or experience means to them, interwoven with footage of interpretive dances.
“Equinox has always empowered the community to be proud and unapologetic about who they are, but this year, we wanted to make an even more meaningful contribution to a cultural dialogue that is being written before our eyes," Elizabeth Nolan, executive creative director at Equinox said in a statement shared with Refinery29."With the help of The Center, we were able to bring this vision to life in a way that feels simultaneously brave, authentic and celebratory.”
While the short film is indeed beautiful and celebratory, we do wish it had taken the opportunity to showcase asexual identity instead of allyship for the letter "A." Still, the people behind the video seem to understand that when it comes to identity and representation, the best thing to do is to pass the mic to those who can really speak to it.
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