Disneyland's Newest Cotton Candy Treat Is Lit — Literally!

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A visit to one of the Disney theme parks is a good way to bring a little light to your life. With all the rides, familiar characters, and tasty treats, each of the parks is full of joy, but there's also a lot of literal light that attracts visitors. People come from all over to see a Disney fireworks display or the lamps that line Main Street U.S.A., and let's not forget the bright glow that emanates from Sleeping Beauty's and Cinderella's Castles at night. According to PopSugar, there is now yet another beacon that's attracting visitors to Disney parks. And this one is edible.
The newest treat that's being served up at several Disney theme parks around the world is glowing cotton candy. PopSugar reports that these bright clouds of sugar are available at both Disney World and Disneyland, as well as at Tokyo Disney and Hong Kong's Disneyland Resort. Though the special cotton candy is being sold as all these locations, you should expect it to look a little different depending on which park you're visiting. For instance, according to a website called Disney Food Blog, the version available at Disney's California Adventure is made with white cotton candy swirled with colorful cotton candy. The multicolored cloud is served on an illuminated wand, which "lights the cotton candy from inside," like this:

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Instagram images show that the glowing sugary poofs sold at Hong Kong's Disneyland Resort come adorned with cut out character images.

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And, videos of the cotton candy available at Orlando's Disney World show that the lights inside these flicker and flash to gorgeous effect. These are so special that even those who usually refrain from purchasing treats at Disney are getting on board. One social media user explained, "I don't normally buy cotton candy as an in-park treat...but when it looks like electric party lightning...who can say no?!?"
Just imagine biting into one of this glowing globs of fluffy sugar while gazing upon the bright lights of Cinderella's Castle underneath a spectacular fireworks show. It doesn't get more lit than that.

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