America Is FINALLY Getting This Iconic Chocolate Treat

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For decades, the American sweet tooth has been deprived of one iconic chocolate treat. Though it isn’t fair, the Kinder Egg has been enthusiastically enjoyed internationally since its creation in 1974, but here in the U.S. they’re a no-go. You may have had a chance to try it if you’ve ever traveled abroad or had a friend bring one back to the states for you, but otherwise, there’s little chance you’ve ever gotten your hands on one.
The surprise inside treat has been banned in America since its inception because of a 1938 FDA regulation that prohibits the selling of candy that contains “non-nutritive objects,” according to Fortune. Since the Kinder Egg is a chocolate egg that contains a toy, it violates the regulation. This hardly seems fair since we could care less about the toy and just want that creamy chocolate, but it’s the law. However, next year, that’s all going to change. Fortune reports that America is getting a different version of that delicious egg that complies with the FDA’s rule, and after all these years of waiting, we’re so ready to try it.
In 2018, Ferrero International, the company that invented and manufactures Kinder products, is releasing the Kinder Joy in America for the very first time. The Kinder Joy was created in 2001, and it also looks like an egg. Unlike the Kinder Surprise though, it has two distinct, sealed halves. Fortune explains that one half contains the mystery toy, and the other half is filled with chocolate, milk-crème, and chocolate wafer bites. This tweak of having the toy and candy packaged in separate sections makes this version of the Kinder Egg adhere to that small but important FDA regulation.
The Kinder Joy comes with a small spoon with which to enjoy the entirely edible half. And, you know, as soon as it's released, we're grabbing one and digging in. American candy lovers can finally rejoice because there's one more sweet treat for us to try for the very time.

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