You HAVE To Take Advantage Of This Weekend Whole Foods Deal

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
If you watched this season of Master of None, you know that Dev’s “Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up anything?” is the ultimate dating app pickup line. As he explained in the show, his line really stands out among all the feeble "heys" and "sups." We’re sure there probably is some truth to his theory, but we think the real genius lies in the fact that he’s offering a beyond convenient way to get some groceries. If you’ve ever fought through crowds of people at Whole Foods on a Saturday, or walked home over ten blocks with heavy shopping bags, you know this offer is a true gift. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that someone will send you a Tinder message with that offer at some point over the weekend, but it doesn't even matter because Whole Foods is offering its own exciting deal that is just as good.
Since Master of None's second season premiered last weekend, people all over social media have been sharing how much they appreciated Dev's Whole Foods pickup line. Because of the positive response, Whole Foods teamed up with the show to bring the fictional line to life.
Starting today, Whole Foods Market is giving free delivery to anyone who uses the offer code "HICUTIE" on The code is easy to remember for fans of the show because it's another hilarious reference to Dev's bud Arnold's favorite phrase to text the women he's dating.
The offer is good through Sunday, May 21, so shoppers in participating cities can get groceries delivered for free all weekend long. While this Whole Foods deal won't get you an S.O. or even a date, it will get you food on your door step for free, and based on what we know from Master of None, food is usually a bit more reliable and a lot less complicated than love.

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