Why One Church Banned Yoga From Its Premises

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One U.K. establishment is declaring a major separation of church and shavasana.
Metro reports that St. David’s Church, located in Blaenporth, Ceredigion, Wales, banned yoga on its grounds because it "might be seen to be in conflict with Christian values and belief."
The site adds that St. David's Church has been undergoing renovations, making it part church and part community center, which is why yoga and other classes were going to be on offer. But officials at the St. David's made it clear that yoga wouldn't be on the schedule and other activities that they deemed "non-Christian" would also get axed from the proposed community center's list. Pilates, on the other hand, will be a-okay.
Residents are already filing complaints with the Aberporth Community Council, noting that the church's decision seems pretty arbitrary, and that they'd like to have their yoga, thank you very much. The church didn't cite any specific reasons for the yoga ban or exactly what about the practice is non-Christian.
"I would like to make you aware of the intended community activity restrictions that have been imposed once St. David's Church Blaenporth is part-converted into a well-needed community centre," one resident wrote, according to Metro. "I and no doubt some Blaenporth residents are not at all happy with the view the church has on community activities like yoga, Tai Chi, tae kwon do, cash prize bingo, and the like. It is supposed to be a community affair where old and young can enjoy a better quality of life."
The Church in Wales, the organization overseeing the conversion of St. David's, adds that it's not opposed to expanding the church to include community events, but supports the church's decision. "It is felt that activities that might be seen to be in conflict with Christian values and belief would not be appropriate," a spokesperson told Metro.
Even though St. David's is standing firm on its decision, the surrounding community is also standing firm in their beliefs. Metro notes that a group of people are boycotting the church and all of its activities until it agrees to create a "fair and non-bias community centre."

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