We're So Here For The Way This Woman Handled A Truly Terrible Pickup Line

Here's a dating tip for you: when you're trying to impress someone with your first message in an online dating app, it's probably best not to bring up the Holocaust.
That's the lesson one Tinder user, identified only as Danny, hopefully learned when he tried to use a ~clever~ pickup line on a 19-year-old woman named Angelica, BuzzFeed reports.
Angelica has a Tinder account mostly for fun and was using it on Friday to let her younger sister swipe left or right, she told BuzzFeed. When her sister got to Danny, who has a picture with Ronald McDonald as his profile photo, she decided to swipe right because she thought his picture was funny.
That decision didn't end well for Danny.
He apparently also swiped right, because Danny and Angelica matched. But he shut down any chance he had with just one sentence.
"If I had the chance to stop the Holocaust or go on a date with you, I'd choose the date with you," he wrote. Yikes.
While we (and Angelica) are pretty sure Danny was just trying to be clever and might have even thought this was an excellent pickup line, jokes about the Holocaust are never okay.
Angelica told BuzzFeed that she was shocked by his message and she only had one response for him. "I'm Jewish."
When Danny responded with, "I'm Catholic," she unmatched with him.
Although her friend told her not to take his message to heart and be offended, Angelica was obviously and justifiably offended. His message makes light of a terrible event in world history, that calls up the oppression of an entire religion. Even if she wasn't Jewish, that opening line would have been offensive.
"At first I was baffled," Angelica told BuzzFeed. "I didn't know what to say. I was like, who uses that as a pickup line?"
After she got over her shock, she posted a screenshot of the exchange to Twitter (which, just FYI, is against Tinder's rules), and the people of Twitter are just as offended as Angelica that that is what Danny chose to say.
Someone who claims to be Danny reached out to Angelica through her Twitter feed, simply saying "I see you noticed my work." He also retweeted the tweet saying, "my Tinder game weak as fuck lol." If this is the real Danny, it's pretty clear that he finds the whole situation funny, but we sincerely hope that the outrage from his words sinks in before he ever again tries to use genocide as a pickup tactic.
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