Pickle Popsicles Exist & We Don't Know How To Feel

Even for extreme pickle enthusiasts, the sight of those giant pickles in a pouch inside a hot vending machine can be a bit jarring. But, obviously are into the idea Van Holten’s not only makes the product, but has even expanded far beyond that. The brand has made the pouched pickle in eight different flavors and also sells its famous pickle brine by the bottle — which is supposedly great in mix drinks or for chasing shots. As out there as those pickle products are, they aren’t quite as wild as Van Holten’s new Pickle-Ice. Yes, it’s just what it sounds like, a pickle juice popsicle.
The product description on the company website says each portable package contains two ounces of real Van Holten's Pickle Brine. When frozen, it forms into a pop that looks not unlike one of those Otter Pops many of us enjoyed on hot summer days of childhood. Of course, these pops aren't sweet, and they're actually said to help rehydrate you on hot day instead of just act as a treat.
According to Delish, the pickle company got the idea for Pickle-Ice after a member of the Van Holten's team sent a photo of a sign advertising frozen pickle pops to Eric Girard, the VP of sales and marketing. According to him, the item is commonly sold at concession stands in Southern states like Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Who would have guessed.
Van Holten's Pickel Ice Freeze Pops are available for purchase through Amazon. You can get a pack of 8 for $14.99 or go all the way and purchase a pack of 48 for $20.99. Delish also reports that the pops are being sold at convenience stores around the country for just 50 cents each, so you can easily start with one. Just like with Van Holten's pickle pouches, these new pickle juice popsicles are certainly a bit unorthodox. Still, the pickle lover inside us really wants to give it a try.

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