A Baby Girl Who Sounds Just Like Her Mom Is Taking Over The Internet

Perhaps the world's cutest one-year-old girl has taken over the internet with a now viral Facebook video in which she's chatting it up with her mom while she brushes her hair.
Kerry Robinson posted the video of her baby, Jayde, on Facebook last week and captioned it "#salontalk." The video has more than 11,000,000 views as of writing.
"Can you believe he tried to ask me to get up first to get your breakfast," she said to Jayde in the video. "Girl, he crazy."
While Jayde seems shy at first and says only a few words in a tiny voice, she gets louder and bolder as the video goes on. "He crazy," she responded to her mom.
It's clear that they're chatting about Jayde's dad, who never makes an appearance on camera, and that Robinson is dishing to her daughter like she would to a hairstylist.
"Then what happened?" Jayde asked her mom.
"Girl, I fell out," she said.
In another conversation, which we're not sure is connected to the first, Jayde said, "Girl, what?" To which her mom replied, "Girl, I'm trying to tell you. Ain't he crazy?"
"He crazy, girl," Jayde said.
In case it wasn't clear earlier in the video, we learned for sure that Jayde is on her mom's side when she said, "Daddy's trippin.'"
Her mom agrees. "Girl, tell me about it."
While this may just seem like any other cute kid video, the internet has fallen in love with Jayde because she seems more talkative and expressive than most babies her age. At just a year old, babies don't usually speak so much. Most kids don't start saying full sentences until they are about 2-years-old, according to the National Institutes of Health.
Although he might be "trippin," it seems that daddy might be the reasons Jayde can speak so well.
"Her dad has always talked to her like a normal adult," Robinson told ABC News. "We never really did the baby talk. She's really smart. She really repeats everything."
While it's funny to hear her repeat her mom in this video, it's even funnier to see her over-the-top facial expressions — like her super-excited face when her mom mentioned that they got free tickets to Sea World and would have to make a trip.
"We really just do this kind of stuff all the time, because her personality is so big," Robinson told ABC news.
That's pretty obvious from this video. And while it may just be a joke, Robinson mentioned in her Facebook post that she and Jayde may be starting a show. If that happens, we know at least 11,000,000 fans who would likely watch.
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