This Country Pays The Least For Starbucks & We're SHOCKED

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Most of us know all too well that coffee habits can get expensive. That’s why we’re always trying to come up with coffee-ordering hacks that help us save money. And, when we get really short on cash, the morning Starbucks stop is usually the first thing that has to go. It’s sad but sometimes that $3 latte a day is enough to break the bank. Surprisingly though, things could be a lot worse. According to a recent study from Value Penguin, Americans actually pay less for their Starbucks than any other country in the world, and several countries are shelling out quite a bit for just one cup.
On average, American Starbucks enthusiasts pay about $2.75 for a tall hot latte, and usually with that first intoxicating sip of steamed milk and espresso, you’re reassured that three bucks is well-worth it. But, at most international locations, the latte is a lot pricier. To make a comparison, Value Penguin compiled latte prices in 39 other countries. It also adjusted each price to reflect cost of other goods and services in the countries as they compare with the United States. The results showed that the price for a Starbucks latte in these 39 countries varies dramatically, but every price was higher than America's.
After Starbucks' home country, the most affordable latte can be found in Australia for $2.86. Not bad, but go over to neighboring New Zealand, and you'll have to pay $3.06. Keep in mind, that's for a tall. $3.06 is the same price you'd pay if you crossed over the boarder from America into Canada. And, in Mexico, you'd have to drop $4.37. That's definitely getting high, but it's nothing compared to what a latte costs in much of South East Asia.
Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia take up three of the four spots for most expensive lattes in the world. In Thailand, it cost $8.04; in Vietnam, $8.18; and Indonesia, $8.21. It would be hard to justify spending that every morning. Still, none of these countries sell the most expensive Starbucks lattes in the world. That title goes to Russia. In Russia, a tall latte from Starbucks costs a whopping $12.32, so it's actually quite a luxury. Tough break for Russian Starbucks lovers, but we have to admit this information makes us feel a lot better about our own Starbucks spending habits here in America.

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