Liam Neeson Showed Up To This Random Sandwich Shop For Free Food

Photo: Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic.
Any time we hear the words free and food in the same sentence, we break out in a panicked cold sweat and start sniffing around trying to find out where the goods might be. We suppose it’s just human nature. And, though he’s an action movie hero with a very particular set of skills, even Liam Neeson isn’t immune to that desperate feeling that takes over when free food is at stake. Recently, a sandwich shop in Vancouver decided to try and lure the actor in with a sign offering him free food, and hilariously, it actually worked.
BuzzFeed News reports that Liam Neeson has been in the Vancouver-area filming a movie called Hard Power, which is set to be released in 2018. Apparently folks in the area had heard rumors that the actor was around, so a few hardcore fans that worked at Big Star Sandwich Company concocted a plan to get his to pay them a visit. Though they weren’t at all convinced it would actually work, a few members of the Big Star staff wrote two messages on the sandwich board outside the shop. One side simply read, “Liam Neeson eats here for free, and the other said, “Come in and get TAKEN away by our sandwiches,” a reference to one of the actor’s most well-known films. They wrote the messages in the morning, and Neeson showed up in the afternoon. On the one hand we’re surprised because he’s super famous. On the other hand, who has ever turned down free food?
We’re just kidding, Neeson didn’t actually end up taking the free food. The director of operations for Big Star, Alex Johrden, told BuzzFeed that the actor was in a hurry, but stuck around long enough to pose for a photo with two employees and the now-famous sign. Johrden also said it came as a huge shock for everyone involved. He said, "We had no idea he would be in our vicinity. I assume someone on the film crew saw the sign and got it back to him." Or maybe he really did want the free food, but just doesn't like sandwiches.

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