13 Reasons Why Star Devin Druid Shares His Favorite Thing About The Series

13 Reasons Why provides an unflinching depiction of high school bullying and the devastating impact it has on the show’s characters. Offscreen, things were a little different. Devin Druid, who plays Tyler on the series, hosted a Twitter Q&A on Wednesday and he couldn’t say enough kind things about his co-stars and the friendships that were formed on set.
Druid loved the challenge of working on such an important series, but he and the cast members had a lot of fun when the cameras stopped rolling. “The whole cast and crew are my best friends now,” he said. From karaoke to Escape the Room to nights at the movies, Druid and his castmates used their downtime to have some well-deserved fun.
Unlike the high school hallways of 13 Reasons Why, popularity contests definitely weren’t a thing on set. When asked “Alisha Boe or Katherine Langford?” (who played Jessica and Hannah, respectively), Druid correctly asserted that you should never ask a question that there’s no answer for.
No Q&A would be complete without a Hufflepuff question, so one user wanted to know what Hufflepuff skills Druid used to prepare himself before shooting a scene. “Probably hugging my castmates,” he answered. “That’s the most Hufflepuff thing I could do…we did a lot of hugging, because we love each other.” Awww.
When asked to describe his castmates in three words, Druid said there aren’t enough words in the world to describe them — but he took a stab at it. He started with “amazing, fabulous, and talented,” but then added that “loving and “thoughtful” need to be on the list as well.
“I could give you an entire dictionary about how amazing my cast is,” he concluded.
And, in case you needed further assurance that Druid had an amazing experience on set, just check out his answer to the question “if you could be on any TV show, which one would you pick?”
13 Reasons Why on Netflix,” he responded.

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