Americans Love This Grocery Store More Than Any Other

Photographed by Alexnadra Gavillet.
When it comes to food, most of us have well established routines. Whether it’s the go-to pizza place we order from every Friday night, or the go-to snack we munch on when we get home from work, we’ve all got favorite food habits. So it makes sense that most people have an opinion on what grocery store they regularly shop at. recently reported on Morning Consult spring 2017 brand study which revealed what food brands Americans like the most. One of the results we found most interesting was what grocery stores people to love shop at.
Morning Consult surveyed nearly 200,000 Americans in this edition of their rankings. Between 10,000 and 35,000 participants were asked if they found each of America's 500 most well-known companies favorable or unfavorable. Based on data collected by the public opinion company, Kroger is the most popular grocery store chain in the country. Results showed that Kroger had 53% favorability. The supermarket was followed closely by Whole Foods, which was found to have 48% favorability. Although we love shopping at Whole Foods, we were somewhat surprised by this high rating since many people seem to have a bit of an issue with the store's prices. The other top five favorite stores were Safeway, Albertsons, and Publix. The survey only focused on chains of a certain size, but we have to wonder what would have happened if fan-faves Trader Joe's or Wegmans had been included.
The study also collected data about other food categories. Aside from finding that Kroger is America's most loved grocery store, Morning Consult also discovered that Heineken is the most favorable beer and Grubhub is the most loved food delivery service. It seems that American are also really into sweet treats. The data shows that Hershey has the most popular products and Baskin Robbins is the top restaurant. This comes as no surprise because really who doesn't love dessert?

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