You Can Now Buy Guardians Of The Galaxy-Themed Sex Toys

Guardians Of The Galaxy fans have a brand new way to get into (and we mean really get into) the series.
Ahead of the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, which comes out May 5, a company called Geeky Sex Toys has released a new line of toys called Orgasms Of The Galaxy, inspired by the movies.
"These were created for the same reason all our other toys are created," Geeky Sex Toys' co-founder, Josh, told Mashable. "We are just big nerds and love geeking out/making stuff based on our favourite movies, shows, games."
All of your favorite characters make an appearance, albeit a vague one.
There's a dildo called "Root" (obviously a play on Groot), that the company describes as "a sentient, tree-like dildo." They suggest anyone using Root to "let it’s woody texture grow your orgasms to new and exciting level."
Root, according to the website, is a frequent companion of Randy the Raccoon butt plug. Using Randy, the website claims, will "rocket" your sexy times to a whole new level.
Randy and Root are joined by Cumora — a neon green fleshlight — Dix the Destroyer — a "beastly dildo from another planet" — Star-Lord — a vibrator — Stimula — another penetrable that the company describes as a "deadly blue assassin with some sexy robot bits" — and Fondle — another vibrator.
The toys range in price from $50 to $99, and are all made with body-safe silicone (with the exception of the Randy butt plug, which is made with stainless steel).
See the full cast of characters in the video below.

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