There's A Pizza Out There That's Made With 101 Different Cheeses & We Have To Try It

What if someone told you that starting tomorrow, you could never eat cheese again? It would be tragic, and you would absolutely have to find the perfect last meal to go out with a bang. For your final encounter with this holiest of foods, you would have to go with something truly epic, and we think we just came across the right choice, thanks to HelloGiggles. It's called the Centouno Formaggio, and it's a pizza made with 101 different types of cheese.
Scottie’s Pizza Parlor in Portland, Oregon is responsible for blessing the earth with this cheesy masterpiece. The Centouno Formaggio — super classy name for a supper classy pizza — has several different elements. It starts with a 55-cheese blend, a blend Scottie's Pizza Parlor's house-made ricotta, and a blend of 36 soft cheeses. But it doesn't stop there. We're only up to 91 cheeses. On top, these pizza artists grate a blend of nine dry cheeses. Last but certainly not least, part-skim mozzarella is stuffed inside the pizza's crust. Gaze upon the many cheeses.
So this dairy-packed pie would be the only choice for a last meal before swearing off cheese, which is why we feel terrible telling you that this was a one-time thing. Scottie Riviera, the Scottie of Scottie's Pizza Parlor, came up with this cheesy treat in honor of Portland's Pizza Week, which is now over. As you can imagine, it's a gigantic undertaking to make a pizza like this, so it would probably be impossible to keep this pie on the menu all the time. However, the folks over at Scottie's Pizza Parlor clearly hold cheese in as high regard as we do, so perhaps if you came to them begging for a slice of the Centouno Formaggio, they just might oblige.

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