An Actress Slammed A Body-Shamer For Rude Comments About Her Stretch Marks

British actress Stephanie Davis had a baby three months ago, and her body has changed — just like any other person who has ever been pregnant.
Yet, online trolls still feel the need to comment on Davis's new, well-earned, stretch marks. When she posted a photo of herself on Instagram after an appearance on U.K. talk show ITV This Morning, most commenters replied telling her how beautiful she looks (and asking for foundation recommendations).

Thankyou to my gawjus team today? Make up @fern_makeup Hair @jack_hair26 Love you guys? Tan @hayleypeo22_ LA TAN

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But one account instead focused on the barely recognizable stretch marks on Davis's breasts.
"She has some bad stretchmarks though," someone wrote from the Instagram account @maldivitis.
Although many others came to Davis's defense, the actress had a perfect response to this body-shaming comment.
"yes I have stretch marks because I carried a baby for nine months, and fed him and got him strong though feeding off my breasts... how damn amazing is that," she wrote in a comment. "I love my stretch marks Thankyou. Pretty shallow of you when I've had a baby 3 months ago to comment on my boobs, but take it as a compliment because you were clearly looking at my lady lumps?? Douche."
It's not clear exactly who @maldivitis is, since the account hasn't posted any photos and uses what looks like a stock photo of a beach as their profile picture. The account could easily be set up specifically to troll celebrities like Davis, but that doesn't make what they said any less real.
People shame women for "flaws" like having stretch marks all the time, whether or not those marks come from carrying a child. It puts unnecessary stress on a body part that we can't really do anything about — nor should we. And some women are beginning to embrace their "tiger stripes," instead of doing their best to cover them up.
It seems like Davis has joined that club, and sees her stretchies as a reminder of the incredible things her body has done for her son. Other commenters on her post see them that way, at least, and have encouraged Davis to ignore trolls like @maldivitis.
"body shaming at its worst ? you're boobs have done an amazing thing& look amazing anyway," one commenter wrote.
"from one mother to another you look amazing! Wear your stretch marks with pride. Don't listen to some stupid idiots. Xx," wrote another.
And yet another said what we should all remember about stretch marks when pressure to be perfect gets us down.
"We have to love our stretch marks because they are there to stay."

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