Maybe Don't Tweet Your Dick Pic Jokes To This Company (Or Anyone)

Photographed by Fernanda Silva.
For whatever reason, cisgender men seem to have an obsession with dick pics. Taking them, sending them (sometimes unsolicited, ew), defending them, making jokes about them. This week, one guy learned the hard way that absolutely no one cares about your dick pic jokes when he tweeted Samsung and they responded by trolling the heck out of him. It was awesome.
Twitter user @savEdward probably thought he was high-larious (and oh-so-original) when he replied to a tweet from Samsung asking their followers to send them the first photo they'd taken with their new Galaxy S8. Edward thankfully did NOT share his photo (casual reminder that unsolicited dick pics are a form of sexual violence), but told Samsung that the first photo he took with his new phone was "a dick pic."
Samsung, for their part, pulled no punches, responding with nothing but the microscope emoji. OUCH.
I would like to buy whoever runs Samsung U.S.'s Twitter account a drink or a coffee, whichever they prefer (seriously, inbox me). Their response was ice cold and completely perfect. I stood up and clapped at my desk when I saw it. Any woman who has ever spent time on dating sites (or even just existed in the world to be honest) is likely totally sick of hearing about and seeing pictures of random dude's wrinkly dicks. Most of us could probably go the rest of our lives without ever thinking about dick pics ever again.
Hats off to you, social media manager at Samsung U.S. Thanks for fighting the good fight and taking Edward down a peg or two. Hopefully, in the process, this will discourage other cis men from regaling us with boring jokes about pictures of their penis.
Dudes, I promise: if we want to see pictures of your dick, we'll ask.

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