These Photoshopped Eggplant Images Will Have You Laughing Into The Weekend

We've always been too busy slicing, sweating, and piling parmesan onto our eggplants to notice that the nightshade vegetable actually looks an awful lot like Ronald McDonald's friend, Grimace. But, that's why we have Reddit in our lives, to point out totally weird and random things we've never thought about before. This particular comparison came from a recent Reddit photoshop battle, which FoodBeast directed our attention to. In case you're unfamiliar, there's a subreddit called /r/photoshopbattle where users post images and challenge others to transform them using photoshops. The artists comment what they come up with, and Redditors vote on which creation is best. It's awesome and often hilarious. Yesterday, a user named Pidiotpong shared a picture of a very funny-looking eggplant that had two little arms. The veggie looks like it's trying to hug someone. The original poster wrote, "PsBattle: This eggplant with arms, " and the challenge commenced.
A user named du5t brought us the photo of the eggplant inserted into Ronald McDonald's squad where Grimace used to hang. Grimace was one of the top voted photos in the battle, and it received comments like, "This was my first thought when I saw this image as well. I was pleased to see that I wasn't the only one." and "My favorite one yet." But there were plenty of other contenders. If you grew up watching Spongebob Squarepants, you'll be happy to see this top voted photo of the Eggplant transformed into Bubble Buddy.
Other favorites included the eggplant as Flubber hanging out on Robin Williams' hand and Eeyore's face transformed into the eggplant's shape. There were a few other pop culture references from childhood like Barney and the animated Beauty and the Beast.
A Reddit user named themagpie36 shared his first ever PsBattle creation, and it was pretty impressive. The photo showed the eggplant posing as Rose in Jack's arms at the bow of the Titanic. It was titled, "I'm flying."
Though we loved every reference to TV and movies the eggplant artists made, a couple of the best ones submitted transformed the vegetable into real like things or came up with a whole new veggie-animal hybrid species. Seriously, look into Sealplants' eyes and try not to laugh.
It's safe to say, we'll never look at this vegetable the same again. Although, is anyone else craving some baba ganoush?

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