How Spotify Can Seriously Up Your Flirting Game

The next time you're interested in someone but just don't know how to tell them, Spotify could come to the rescue. The app's feature that allows users to make playlists for other users came in handy when 17-year-old Hannah Woodley wanted to tell her crush that she was into him.
Instead of the "check 'yes' or 'no'" note that used to get passed around the playground, Woodley used a Spotify playlist to let her crush know exactly how she felt.
She then posted the full playlist to Twitter, where more than 125,000 people have retweeted it.
Added together, all of the song titles make up this message for Woodley's crush:
I Kinda Like You and I Wanted to Tell You You Might Not FEEL The Same and That Is Okay But I Thought You Should Know If u Don't Feel It I Still... Wannabe Friends I Am Corny
People flipped out over her flirting strategy, and many commented on her tweet with their own playlists.
While not every playlist was as cute or appropriate as these, most people felt that Woodley's playlist strategy was adorable and creative. Many of the commenters on her post kept their fingers crossed that her crush responded positively (and mentioned that they might have some words for him if he didn't).
Thankfully, he reciprocated Woodley's feelings, according to her response to a comment.
Communicating via Spotify seems to be a growing trend. Another teenage girl used Spotify playlists earlier this month to tell a guy she'd been casually dating that she wasn't interested in a relationship.
While it may seem that Woodley's playlist was inspired by that viral tweet, Woodley told Refinery29 that she didn't even know it happened. It's just a funny coincidence that both girls had the same idea (albeit for completely different ends). But we're willing to bet that Woodley's playlist will inspire at least a few others to make similar moves.
Because talking to a crush is hard to do, sometimes literally, and Spotify provides an easy, fun way to let your feelings be known.

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