This Viral Photo Shows Twins Kissing In The Womb

When Carissa Gill and Randy Good went into their doctor's office to get an ultrasound, they were prepared, of course, to see the twin girls they were expecting, named Isabella and Callie. They didn't expect, however, to see their twin babies sharing a kiss in utero.
The couple was going to see their doctor for a routine 25-week ultrasound when the ultrasound video revealed one twin kissing the other in the womb.
"It was just so exciting to see them like that," Gill told Inside Edition. "I didn't think that they were going to be that close together, but they are, and it was just so beautiful to see."
The ultrasound facility that the couple went to, Fetal Vision, posted a photo of Gill and Good with the ultrasound image on their Instagram account.
The photo is so perfect that you'd be forgiven for thinking it was fake, but John Hamburg, who did the sonogram, insisted that it's 100% authentic.
"I’ve done 15,000 of these, and I’ve never seen twins face-to-face, looking like they’re kissing," he told The Huffington Post. "Usually, one’s head is up and the other is down."
Gill also told Inside Edition that the video shows even more than the image that Fetal Vision posted.
"It first started off 'Baby B' was kissing 'Baby A' on the cheek and then they started getting closer and then they actually kissed on the mouth," she told Inside Edition. "You can see their mouths open and close, it was just so cute."
As for Good, Gill said that he was rendered speechless.
"His face just kind of dropped, like he was speechless,but he’s been speechless since the moment he found out we were having twins," she told Inside Edition.
While they didn't expect the photo to go viral, they're happy to share their story.
"I would love to share this story with the world," Gill told Fox 29. "Pregnancy is a beautiful thing to capture, especially when you get to see moments like this."

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