This College Student Came Up With A Hilarious Measuring Tape Alternative

Even though it's a meant to be a place of higher education, college can be a time in life when many of us end up doing really stupid things. And, a lot of those stupid things are fueled by alcohol. Surprisingly, though, one college student recently garnered attention on social media for doing something clever with alcohol, which might be a first.
It all started when Mat George, a senior at Arizona State University posted an ad for a microwave he was selling on the ASU List Facebook page. According to BuzzFeed News, in the post, he wrote, "My sister has left her microwave in my room since August. I've asked her multiple times to get it and she hasn't. So now I'm selling it. Message me if you're interested." If you've ever bought anything online, you know it's always smart to ask for dimension before committing to the purchase. So it's no surprise that someone responded with that question. And that is what prompted the innovation.
Like most college kids who are still in the midst of figuring out how to be an adult, George was missing a fairly important household instrument, a tape measure. Again like most college students, what the poster did have plenty of was bottles of vodka. He wrote in his response to the question, "I don't have a tape measurer but it's about as tall as a 5th of berry new Amsterdam and has a length of a berry and mango 5th of new am." And, don't you worry, he also attached a photo so we could see his genius at work.
When other ASU students saw the post, they thought it was hilarious because it's the most quintessentially college thing ever. But, more than that, many people also thought it was pretty damn smart. Screenshots of the ad and the conversation that followed were shared on Twitter by another ASU student, and when the rest of world saw, they had similar reactions.
Finally, we see a college student doing something with alcohol that is funny and inventive instead of funny and regrettable. It's a nice change of pace.
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