John Mayer Tweeted Some Deep Thoughts About Peanut Butter & Jelly

Photo: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images.
No, matter what your feelings are on John Mayer, it seems the celeb occasionally uses his Twitter account for more than just throwing shade at Taylor Swift. Mayer can actually be very existential at times, as evidenced by his recent tweet about peanut butter and jelly. Yes, really.
Last night, John Mayer tweeted about life in terms of every kid's favorite sandwich, and though we'd probably be more impressed if we had read it while passing around a joint in our college dorm rooms, we actually kind of get what he was trying to say. He wrote, "It’s kind of sad that little kids don’t know how much more peanut butter than jelly there’s going to be in their lives." Talk about food for thought.
Of course the "Ur high go to sleep" tweets immediately started rolling in, but some people really connected with what John was getting at. And, others felt the need to clarify that what exactly he meant.
We appreciate the musician's message of life turning out to be more difficult than you expect, and it's not a totally unexpected statement coming from a guy who has talked about his "violent crash into being an adult." But, we have to say, we're a little offended that peanut butter is being equated with rough times. We know jelly is fruity and sweet, but peanut butter is just as good, if not better. So maybe John should reevaluate his metaphor. A lot of Twitter users agree.
Though this vaguely anti-peanut butter tweet isn't the worst thing John Mayer has ever said, it still has plenty of people rolling their eyes, and those are probably the most amusing responses to read.

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