World's Boldest Dine & Dasher Jumped Into The Ocean To Avoid Picking Up The Check

Photo: Getty Images.
We totally understand the urge to run away screaming when you get the check after a big dinner out at a nice restaurant. What we don’t understand are those people who think they can actually act on that urge. An Australian man recently allegedly executed the most intense version of this crime we have ever seen. According to Buzzfeed News, a man named Terry Peck, a.k.a. 2Pec — he’s apparently an aspiring rapper — reportedly ran into the ocean to get out of paying for his meal. Yep, this rapper swam out to sea because he didn’t want to pay his bill. We know, it’s all just too much.
A man fleeing from a restaurant, onto the beach, and into the ocean is certainly an absurd element of this story, but what makes the whole thing even worse is the tab this guy is said to have racked up before running off. BuzzFeed News reports that 2Pec was dining at Omeros Bros Restaurant in Main Beach, Queensland, and while there, he ordered $621 worth of food. By the end of his time at the restaurant, he had ordered two lobsters, a baby octopus, 21 vodka oyster shots, and several Coronas, according to The Courier Mail. Skipping out on any check is bad, but skipping out on $621 is pretty unfathomable.
As it turns out, Peck's plan was a doomed journey into the sea. Queensland Police explained that after trying to convince the man come back to shore on his own, they were forced to go in after him and drag him out, which you can see in the video below. The aspiring rapper appeared in court yesterday and BuzzFeed News reports that he was charged with stealing and two counts of serious assault of a police officer. He was granted bail, but he won’t be allowed to dine at the Omeros Bros Restaurant ever again. We definitely maintain that what this guy did was wrong, but it sure makes you wonder if a wild stunt like this was all part of an elaborate plan to get 2Pec’s rap career off the ground.

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