Trader Joe's Has A New Mac & Cheese Flavor & It Borrows From Another Fave Dish

People say too much of a good thing is no good at all, but we disagree if that good thing is new takes on good food. Trader Joe’s is backing up our claim with its newest frozen macaroni and cheese. By now, most of us know that TJ’s classic mac and cheese bowls make the perfect go-to easy dinner, especially when you're too busy to cook. But, this newest version takes the classic up a couple notches by adding ingredient from another favorite dish, pepperoni pizza. That’s right, Trader Joe's has introduced a Pepperoni Pizza Mac and Cheese Bowl.
Candyhunting recently posted a photo of the new mac & cheese dish, and wrote "The newest Trader Joe's Mac & Cheese is Pepperoni Pizza! It looks like this is taking the place of the (seasonal?) Truffle Mac & Cheese." Here's what we should all be looking for:
While we haven’t seen anything from TJ’s officially confirming the addition, we've reached out to confirm Candyhunting’s photographic evidence. Customers should hopefully start seeing this easy meal in Trader Joe’s frozen food aisle, among other faves like frozen dumplings, and turkey meatballs.
Based on the image, it looks like this dish will have the same pasta and cheese found in all of TJ’s frozen mac and cheese boxes, but this one comes with some extra deliciousness. There will be pepperoni on top, tomato sauce mixed in with the cheesy mess, and possibly even some melted mozzarella. What a mashup.
We’re pretty excited to try out this new frozen dinner, and we’re not the only ones who seem to be ecstatic about the addition. Many commenters are insisting that this is the perfect new flavor idea, and some even say they’ve tried creating something similar at home. One Instagram user even ended their comment with a suggestion for TJ’s next new mac & cheese treat. "TJ's is ahead of the mac & cheese game! They need to make dessert 'mac & cheese'" It may sound too wild, but we would definitely give it a try. You know our rules about too much of a good (food) thing.

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