A Man Talked About His Farts In This HONY Post & His Wife Was Mortified

Humans Of New York might have just posted one of its most simple captions yet, but it's the little details that make this photo absolutely hysterical.
The image is of a married couple in Uruguay, where the photographer behind HONY is currently traveling. Instead of a romantic caption about how the two fell in love or the little details of their life together that make their love even stronger, the post talks about the man's gas. Literally.
“She doesn't like my farts," he said in the post. "She won't even let me eat cabbage anymore. I tell her that it’s worse to hide them because you'll get caught anyway.”
A closer look at the woman's face makes it clear exactly how she feels about her husband's flatulence, and the fact that he talked about it to a photographer who would broadcast their gas troubles to the whole world. Commenters on the post have zeroed in on his wife's expression.
"Truly the face of a woman who is done with that guy Lmao," the commenter wrote.
Although we can't know for sure how this woman feels about her husband spilling the truth, or about his apparent cabbage farts, we'll assume she was at least a little bit mortified.
Dealing with your partner's gas is expected in a relationship. It's such an important relationship marker, in fact, that we apparently need a how-to guide for the first time we pass gas in front of a new partner. Still, those moments tend to be private, not something you share with the world.
For what it's worth, it seems like plenty of people relate to this woman's struggle. The post has been shared more than 4,000 times and has more than 11,000 comments as of writing.
Commenters have been sharing their own fart stories. Some point to true love.
And others, not so much.
Whether they're totally comfortable passing gas in front of their partners or not, most commenters agree that farts happen and it's an experience we unfortunately have to share with our significant others.

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