Whoa, McDonald's Pizza Exists — BUT There's A Catch

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When it comes to eating at a fast food institution, most of us have a go-to order down pat. It’s always easy to chose because there’s never anything quite that unexpected on a chain’s well-established menu. But, what if you walked into a new location of the chain with your order already in mind, glimpsed up at the menu, and saw something totally different. You’d most likely have to take an extra minute or two to figure out what to get. Well, be warned, this may happen if you ever find yourself at a McDonald’s in Pomeroy, OH and Spencer, WV because these locations of the chain sell pizza.
Cosmopolitan recently reported that just one McDonald’s location in each of these two small towns offers pizza. That means you can go in and order your regular Big Mac and Fries, but you can also add a McPizza. Yep, that’s what the chain’s secretive version of the pizza is called, and according to Eater, it was first introduced to stores in the 1980s. For a while the menu item was available at locations all across the country but about a decade after being released, McDonald’s began to give pizza making a rest. Eater explained that the pizza took a while to cook, which meant the menu item didn’t exactly make sense for a fast food restaurant. But, the McPizza didn't die everywhere.
McDonald's pizza is still available at those two small town locations. We know it's unlikely that we'll ever end up visiting Pomeroy or Spencer or even driving through, which is a real bummer. But, with the power of social media, we can always gaze upon the McPizzas that others have enjoyed at the iconic fast food chain. And, if we ever do get there in real life, you better believe we'll rethink our usual order.

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