Three Runners Stopped Mid-Run To Help An Injured Woman Across The Finish Line

Running is usually a competitive sport, but three runners showed that when it comes to racing marathons, everyone is in it together.
In a video posted to ABC New's Facebook page of Sunday's half-marathon in Philadelphia, one runner appeared to buckle just moments from crossing the finish line. Only seconds after she stopped because her legs just weren't working anymore, two men grabbed her arms to help pull her along to the finish.
But when even that didn't help, and she nearly collapsed, another man actually stopped his full-on sprint, circled back to the three strangers, and picked the woman up. He carried her almost to the end of the race.
Just inches before they were going to cross the finish line, he put her down so that she could finish the half-marathon on her own.
And we really hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship.
Although race officials know the name of the woman, they are not releasing that information, according to Yahoo News. However, we do know that all three finished the race in just over two hours.
That's an impressive time for a half marathon, meaning that these runners averaged about 9 minutes per mile. Given that they had to run more than 13 miles, we're shocked they weren't all about to collapse by the end.

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