This Is The Best Drunken Waffle House Order We've Ever Seen

Photo: Getty Images.
Occasionally going out for drinks doesn’t end all that well. Sometimes we wake up after a late night of partying and wish we hadn’t said or done certain things, or we regret that last martini because we aren’t feeling great. Other times, though, we get lucky and wake up feeling pretty damn proud of what went down during the fun night out. And, usually those exciting drunken discoveries involve unexpectedly delicious food combinations. A Twitter user known as @Freako____Suave recently demonstrated this ideal outcome of a kooky night.
On Sunday, @Freako____Suave posted a video to Twitter that showed off what looks like a truly magical food creation, and we’re already eager to try it. Along with the video, he wrote in his tweet, “I was so drunk last night I walked in Waffle House and told them I wanted a burger with waffle buns and they did it.” The video zooms in on the perfectly crisp waffles, and there does indeed seem to be a burger patty and a beautiful layer of melted cheese in between. Side note, in the background, you can also hear that he's watching Law & Order: SVU, so clearly this guy knows how to end a night out on a very high note. Check it out:
In his followup tweets, the user explains how his order masterpiece came to be. Honestly, kind of want to try his creation sober, and maybe Waffle House should consider adding the mashup to its official menu. Twitter would certainly be in support of that.
Yeah, there is absolutely nothing to regret about this ordering decision.

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