Twitter Wants Everyone To Know That "Hand Salad" Is NOT A Thing

We're all for creativity, especially when it comes to cooking. Many of us are constantly looking for new ways to prepare classic dishes, and most of the time, we're pretty opened minded about trying ones we've never heard of. But, then there are those times when the new recipes just go too far. Bon Appétit recently found out the hard way that a lot of people are a bit stubborn when it comes to totally weird food concepts, especially when they borrow from existing ones.
According to Seventeen, Twitter is having a pretty strong reaction to Bon Appétit's recent tweet about what it has dubbed "hand salad." The tweet included a link to the recipe for hand salad, which explained that it's basically just Romaine hearts dipped in a lemon-yogurt dressing. The opening line of the recipe reads, "We call this a hand salad because lettuce and dip just doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun." Hmm.
Unfortunately, Twitter just is not picking up what the magazine is putting down, and several users seem determined to make sure everyone knows "hand salad" is not a thing. Some pointed out that there was already a name for this kind of appetizer dish, while others insisted that simply dipping veggies in a dressing didn't need any kind of formal moniker. A few Twitter users took it even further by teasing Bon Appétit with their own takes on this new, loose definition of the term salad.
We may be open minded in the kitchen, and we might even love said "hand salad" recipe if we tried it. But we have to agree with Twitter on this one: A dish called "hand salad" is just too hard to take seriously.

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