This Machine Makes 900 Taco Bell Tacos In An Hour — BUT There's A Catch

Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images.
When it comes to tacos, our stomachs turn in to bottomless pits. We could stand in front of a taco conveyer belt, mouths wide open and just let them fall in one after another. Yep, that's the dream. Unfortunately, a machine that makes tacos that quickly doesn’t exist, but it used to.
Once upon a time in the 1990s, Taco Bell invented a magical machine that could churn out a boatload of tacos in a very short period of time. Seeing as the '90s are commonly held up as the golden age of snacking, we’re not the least bit surprised that what was lovingly referred to as the "Taco-matic" was created in this decadent decade. But just how many tacos could it produce? According to a recent press release, in its heyday, the Taco-matic was capable of preparing 900 tacos in a single hour.
Every 10 seconds, a tortilla would be sent through the machine's assembly line. Taco Bell’s signature seasoned beef would be added first. Then, the taco would make quick stops to be hit with piles of cheese and lettuce. Finally, it would end its journey with a perfect wrap and be ready for the customer. Check out the Taco-matic in action:
You’re probably wondering what in the world happened to this machine of your dreams. Trust us, we wanted to know the same thing. According to a Taco Bell rep, the Taco-matic was retired not long after its official introduction to the world in 1992. The fast food chain didn’t like that the tacos made by the machine lacked “a special ingredient: the human touch.” It also apparently had a tendency toward glitches, which is certainly not what you want when you’re waiting for something as important as tacos.
Almost 25 years after its creation, the Taco-matic is currently on display at Taco Bell’s headquarters. Now that we know that, we may start plotting a takeover. Think about how fantastic it would be to have Taco Bell's Taco-matic in your home, regardless of its glitches.

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