You Need To Read The Convoluted Saga Of This Woman's Attempt To Mail Cookies

One of the absolute best feelings in the world is receiving a care package in the mail. Whether it’s from your mom or your bestie or even a pen pal you’ve never even met IRL, the boxes never fail to make you feel special. Care packages from my parents got me through college, and even now, getting random boxes in the mail from my childhood BFF is more precious than I can express in words. So, a lot rides on these little acts of love, which is why it sucks so much when a package fails to get there on time. A few months ago, a Tumblr user known online as anneriawings, tried to send her friends some cookies and the saga that followed was long, painful, and kind of hilarious.
BuzzFeed News recently reported that anneriawings, who lives in Texas planned to send a package of cookies to friends and fellow Tumblr users, homebeccer, phantomrose96, and cupcakecreeper, in New Jersey. The U.S. Postal Service told her that it would take two days to get her box to NJ, but when it had not arrived two days later, the friends started to wonder what was up. anneriawings checked the tracking details online, and noticed that the package had been marked as delayed. Weirdly though, it's location was no where near Texas, New Jersey, or anywhere in between. It was hanging out in Guam.
anneriawings and her friends immediately recognized the humor in this very unexpected reroute, and lucky for us, the devoted Tumblr user shared the info on her blog. Over the next few days, she kept a close eye on the tracker and also kept her Tumblr followers up-to-date on the package's whereabouts. Tumblr went wild for these poor cookies' convoluted journey and shared in the friends' frustration and amusement.
The cookies were mailed from Texas on December 23, 2016, according to BuzzFeed. On December 25, they arrived in Barrigada, Guam. The package eventually left Guam on December 27, and the following day, it made a stop in Hawaii. Finally, the cookies arrived in New Jersey on December 30. Check all the updates and the groups' funny reactions:
Since each of the friends and many others on Tumblr had been obsessively following the cookie's trip around the world, the ladies made sure the document the monumental moment when they finally got to open the package. They found that the cookies looked quite weary after their long journey.
Surprisingly, it seems the misadventures of this care package did more to bring these friends together than one that arrived on time and completely unscathed. Plus, they still got to eat the cookies together even if they were a little worse wear, and the whole story is still providing a lot of entertainment for the internet.
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