This Limited Edition Lucky Charms Flavor Is Making A Comeback For St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day has gotten a little out of hand. It has become a holiday that’s celebrated in America by drinking too much beer and pinching anyone who isn’t wearing green. Perhaps, it’s time for us to return to a more wholesome observation of the day, and to do that, we’ll have to go back a few years. No, not all the way back to the 5th-century when St. Patrick drove those snakes out of Ireland. I was thinking more like 2005 when Lucky Charms introduced its limited edition chocolate flavor.
According to a recent Instagram post from CandyHunting, this special Lucky Charms flavor is back on grocery store shelves for a limited time. Accompanying a photo of a box of chocolatey charms, CandyHunting wrote, "Why limit yourself to normal St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charms when you could have Chocolate Lucky Charms with all clover marshmallows?! Found these at Walmart."
This new version of chocolate Lucky Charms appears to be a little different from the one that was released in 2005. Instead of having marshmallows shaped like hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, blue moons, pots of gold, rainbows, and red balloons — I just recalled all of that from memory, which proves how catchy that Lucky Charms jingle is — this iteration of the cereal only features green clover marshmallows. This small alternation makes the cereal even more festive for Saint Patty's Day.
Though I don't know for sure, I'm guessing that exclusion of those other marshmallow shapes doesn't have much of an effect on the overall taste, which means we can expect the newly released Chocolate Lucky Charms to be as delicious as the one from 12 years ago. According to a 2005 review by The Impulse Buy, this stuff is "the holy Grail of Cereals." Think about it, you get marshmallows AND sweet chocolate cereal milk. Yeah, I'm sold. This year, you can find me celebrating Saint Patrick's Day in a more, ahem, dignified manner by stuffing my face with Chocolate Lucky Charms.

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