This NFL Star Might Go To Prom With His Biggest Fan

Life is a journey, i just wanna enjoy the ride

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This is Ava Tarantino. She loves the Pittsburgh Steelers, especially #26, Le'Veon Bell.

juice is loose #herewego

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Like, she reallllly loves him. So much.

Cant wait to watch my husband kill it on the field today? ?@steelerrb26

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And it looks like her dreams are about to come true. Ava took to Twitter on Saturday to ask her one true love, Le'Veon Bell, to prom.
"@L_Bell26 500 rts and you'll go to prom w me," she tweeted. She probably didn't expect a reply, but Bell responded only 30 minutes later. "600 & it's a deal," he wrote.
Well, she got those 600 retweets — plus 1,500 more. As of writing, she's up to 2,104 retweets.
People love her gumption and are rooting for Ava and Le'Veon to go to prom together. "I'm a seriously grown woman but I retweeted this to help make it happen," one woman wrote in response to the tweet.
"Get your dress ready. No chance you don't get 600 RTs," another commenter wrote, to which Ava responded that she's thinking she'll go with yellow.
Now that she's held up her end of the deal, people are wondering if Bell will hold up his. And it looks like he will.
The only problem now is getting the school on board, according to ABC. Ava's school in Wisconsin has an age-limit for prom. Anyone older than 19 isn't allowed, but the school might just bend the rules for Bell.
Ava has asked for permission for him to come to prom with her, and the school is currently reviewing it.
"I feel like I'm on top of the world. It's been my dream since freshman year, and it's like starting to come true. It doesn't seem real," Tarantino told ABC.
If he's allowed to attend, Bell plans to bring his mom and his girlfriend along with him. How cute is that?

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