These Popular Candies Just Got Rebranded & People Are Outraged For An Odd Reason

Change is hard — we get that. And, we know it's especially difficult when changes happen to cherished things from your childhood. Still, recent reactions over a certain candy brand changing its name are a little hard to believe. Wonka, the name attached to popular candy like Runts, SweeTarts, Laffy Taffy, and Nerds, just got swapped for a new name. Now, the candies will be under the Nestlé Candy Shop brand, and people on social media are not holding back their feelings about the change.
Early this morning, the Wonka Facebook page changed it's name, images, and information, and everything now read Nestlé Candy Shop. The company posted a paragraph of explanation to its page, which you can read here:
Since being shared 12 hours ago, the post has received around 1,500 "angry" reactions and about 550 "sad" reactions on Facebook, which just goes to show how seriously people take their candy. Still, it seems odd to get this upset when no alterations are being made to the actual candy. Nevertheless, countless users commented with hilariously specific feedback about the switch. For the most part, the complaints seem to center around losing the sense of magical fun associated with the Wonka name.
The Nestlé Candy Shop has been responding to quite a few of these comments, and its pat response is usually something like "We're refocusing on what made Wonka so special into future products for all of our fans around the world." Unfortunately, the interactions don't seem to be providing much comfort. Many are coming back with curt comments like, "Good luck recovering from this one." Still we have to wonder if some of these commenters will keep have a change of heart and keep buying their candy faves after adjusting to the change a bit.
A few people do seem to be genuinely interested in knowing more about this transition, and aren't just on the page to bash the decision. But it doesn't seem like that information is ready to be shared just yet. Questions like "If you're keeping Wonka, will this mean there's new candy coming out under the Wonka name?" are all getting the same answer of "Only a few Oompa Loompas with high-security clearance have access to these plans." So what we really want to know is what top secret plans are in store for Wonka and does it involve a real life candy forest?!

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