This Girl Clapped Back At Her Brother's Dad Over A Princess Cake

20-year-old Aniston Garrett, is part of a big, blended family. And when they all got together to celebrate her younger half-brother's birthday, they obliged his request for a Princess Peach cake. However, the boy's father wasn't too thrilled.
When Garrett's mom, Shawna Mills, shared a photo of the cake on Facebook and wrote about how excited she was to make a princess cake for her son, Barrett's father chimed in to say, "That's just wrong!"
Thankfully, Garrett was there to stand up for her brother — and against his dad's outdated gender norms.
"I’m pretty sure judging a 4-year-old’s interests while simultaneously being an uninvolved parent is more wrong than a little kid liking Princess Peach," she replied.
"It was very annoying honestly,” Garrett told BuzzFeed. "He’s not involved at all and has never been there for milestones like [Barrett’s] first steps and first words, birthdays, holidays, etc."
"He doesn’t pay for anything and never has," she added.
Mills told BuzzFeed that the two of them were out together when they saw Barrett's dad's response.
"I knew [that response] was going to happen — she really doesn’t keep her mouth shut about anything, especially about Barrett,” she said about Garrett. Several hours later, she got a text from Barrett's dad, telling her that if Garrett continued to "talk shit" about him, he would ignore and unfriend Mills.
Mills, however, had a clap back of her own.
As for Barrett, she said, "I don’t gender anything in the house. He has dolls — Children don’t know anything different. He’s having one of hell a birthday party. It’s going to be pink and yellow everywhere."
As disappointing as Barrett's dad's reaction was, judging by the replies to his sister's tweet, the little boy has a lot of people in his corner — in addition to the positive influences he has in his mom and sister.

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