These Talented Young Brothers Are Going Viral For Their Amazing Pizza-Tossing Skills

If you need a break from the news cycle and just want to smile, the Testa brothers, 10-year-old Michael and 12-year-old Nicholas, are just the thing.
These two dynamos are the subject of the internet's latest viral video, WABC-TV reports. No, they're not following in the footsteps of Johnny Knoxville and causing some comical physical harm to one another. The Testas are going viral for something much more wholesome: pizza. In a video that's spreading on Facebook, the two bros are tossing dough like seasoned pros.
The brothers come from a proud line of pizza perfectionists. The video was actually filmed in their pop's shop, Carmine's Pizza Factory in Jersey City, NJ. They posted the video, titled "Practice Makes Perfect," on February 20. Since then, it's earned 14 million views and has nearly 200,000 shares.
Delish reports that the boys have been practicing their skills daily. Their father, Carmine himself, encourages 30 minutes of spinning a day, and the boys have been at it for five years. That's right, Michael started tossing when he was just 5 years old. However, they usually practice with rubber pizza dough, not the real thing.
"Michael, my oldest, probably could win a competition now. He's that good," their father told Fox. Their dad won't let them compete until they're 18, though.
While the two brothers have captured the attention of Facebook, those intricate spins and throws have also landed them segments on Jersey City's Fox affiliate, CBS, and even national broadcasts.
After 10 million views, the dynamic duo shared a thank you to all of their new fans on Facebook.
But the brothers aren't the only ones with tomato sauce in their veins. Their dad posted this sweet video of their sister, Chloe, who seems poised to be a professional dough slinger herself. He's dubbed her the Pizza Princess.

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