This Diner Did Something Gross To Get A Free Meal & It Went Horribly Wrong

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Buckle your seat belts for an uncomfortable story, because this one is a doozy. A diner who was recently eating out at an Italian restaurant in Brisbane, Australia called Casa Nostra Ristorante tried to pull one over on the management and get a free meal. This woman somehow had the idea to pull out a strand of her own hair and place it in her dish. She thought that when she showed it to her waiter, the restaurant would comp her meal. At first, you may think that seems like a rude thing to do, but also that it just might work. What this woman did not know, however, was that there was a security camera taping her the whole time.
The camera caught her pulling the hair from her head and even going as far as mixing it into the dish. Obviously, when she asked to get her meal removed from the bill, the waiter refused. Everything about this story is weird and gross: the hair planting, the mixing, the ploy for free food. So, you may think surely that’s as far as it goes. Oh no, there’s more.
The customer, who according to Munchies has yet to be identified, posted a very negative one-star review of the restaurant on TripAdvisor. You’d think she would have realized by now that she is just not a good con artist, but she really wasn’t ready to give up. When Casa Nostra saw the review, it retaliated in a BIG way. The restaurant posted the security camera footage of the woman to its Instagram account, and if that wasn’t awkward enough, someone narrated it in a mocking tone. Take a look:
As the video’s caption, the restaurant wrote, “The Customer Is Always Right hey?????? Look what we, and other food business owners have to deal with on a regular basis. We work hard every single day to give our customers an amazing experience in our restaurant and then you find people like this who decide to try and blackmail us for a hair in their meal.” The caption continues with several more sentences and ends by saying, “We are in talks with our lawyer in regards to pursuing a case for defamation. Please share as much as possible to show the world what's going on.”
It’s hard to work through our feelings on this whole story. One the one hand, what this diner did is definitely despicable. There’s pretty much no disputing that. On the other hand, though, there’s something uncomfortable about the way the restaurant presents the video to the public. Still, there is absolutely no denying that restaurant workers have to face some tough situations and deal with obnoxious people on a regular basis. We were at least happy to find out that the woman's scathing review, where she threatened to "destroy" the restaurant, has been taken down from TripAdvisor, according to Munchies. So maybe we should just move on?

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