This Love Actually Detail Is Back — Really

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By now, you know that the gang from 2003's Love Actually is set to make a comebackminus one couple, unfortunately — but what other parts of everyone's favorite holiday rom-com are making a return? Just Jared reports that stars Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln are filming their scenes for the reunion and they're reuniting with one very recognizable throwback: those cue cards.
Writer Emma Freud confirmed on Twitter that the cards would be back. "It was 13 years ago. There is more facial hair now. But he still loves her.... #rednosedayactually," she wrote.
She added a second tweet later on, mentioning how much joy and happiness those simple cards brought her — and the rest of the world.
For anyone who needs a little bit of a refresher on the story line involving Knightley (Juliet) and Lincoln (Mark), here goes. She's married to his best friend. He loves her. He was even the best man at her wedding. The thing is, nobody knows he likes her. Everyone actually thinks that he hates her, since he doesn't exactly treat her like a bestie. There's some drama involving her wedding video, and when she goes to look for it at his house, she discovers that he recorded some footage of his own — and it's all beautiful and totally focused on her. Oh, and the professional videographers didn't capture her nearly as well, so there's that.
Things get a little awkward, and he tells her that he acts the way he does because of "self preservation." On Christmas Eve, he shows up at her doorstep with a grand Say Anything-inspired gesture. That's where the cards come in. As Juliet watches, Mark confesses his love to her one card at a time, basically making every viewer well up and sob with happiness. (One of the cards, which read "Tell him it's carolers," was in the original film and can be see in Freud's tweet, so there's definitely some sleuthing to do.) They don't end up together as far as we know, but she does give him a sweet kiss.
And the cards are back! Does that mean that the two are still holding a candle for one another? We won't find out until May 25, when the whole shebang gets released on Red Nose Day. Until then, we'll be polishing our fanfic skills and figuring out all the ways these cards can bring the two together.
Oh, and if anyone's expecting a Love Actually-Walking Dead crossover, maybe don't.

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