Exclusive: Bekka, Lucy & The Power Of Female Friendship

Photo: Stage 13.
What do you get when you combine two strong women, a surprise engagement, a mysterious stranger, and a quirky yet endearing female friendship? You get the totally entertaining indie series I Love Bekka & Lucy, premiering this month at the SXSW Film Festival.
For those unacquainted, prepare to fall for this smart, diverse, and hilarious look at female friendship. It's worth noting that the short series also embraces cross-cultural kinship, which is not depicted enough on television and movies. I Love Bekka & Lucy started as a digital short series on YouTube created by the New York-based comedian and writer Rachael Holder, with the intention to give life to the stories of eccentric women going through life's ups and downs. Once her project was picked up by Warner Bros' digital studio, Stage 13, Holder went to work writing, directing, and producing the entire series. With that kind of woman power, it's tempting to compare this series to Comedy Central's wacky Broad City and HBO's clever Insecure. But there's room for all three and many more in the landscape of TV series about the positive effects women have on other women.
In the series, Jessica Parker Kennedy stars as Bekka and Tanisha Long as her best friend, Lucy. The two are living in Los Angeles together and learning how to grow up and grow old, ideally together.
In our exclusive clip from the series, we see an intoxicated Bekka crying over the toilet as she shares her fears of losing her best friend due to her upcoming marriage. Lucy, like all good friends do, sits and listens as her best friend rambles in a drunken state about housewives of the '50s and how women used to only get married for economic reasons. It's funny, it's real, and it shows an apprehension that every woman has faced when trying to balance her adult relationships.
We've all been there, and got through it with a little help from our friends.

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