Starbucks Is Selling Coffee In Mason Jars & They Couldn't Be Cuter

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
If you were under the impression that the hipster trend of drinking all your favorite beverages from a mason jar was over, think again. For a while, we were seeing this cutesy craze at every wedding, barbecue, and birthday bash, and some of us even took to using the jars at home as our regular glasses. But, if you noticed the trend had started to fade away, you’ll be happy to find out that Starbucks is bringing it back in a major way.
According to Mashable, now that Starbucks’ Cold Brew has been available in Singapore for about 8 months, the chain has rolled out a limited edition mason jar there to help maintain sales of the beverage. The mason jars have a black cap, so you’re sure not to spill the precious drink. Each one is also stamped with the Starbucks logo and the words, “Starbucks Small Batch Cold Brew.” Customers can buy them for a little extra money with any Cold Brew purchase. The glass jars can be reused and most importantly, they're the perfect prop for a killer Instagram pic.

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We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these limited edition mason jars are only available in Singapore. Mashable reports that a similar line of jars was released in South Korea last year, but those are a bit different as they have green caps.
We’re not giving up hope that they may come to the United States if we wish hard enough. The jars were only just released in Singapore, and the internet is already feeling a cuteness overload. If sales are good, who knows, we could get our own Starbucks mason jars soon. Maybe just in time for summer? Hint, hint, Starbucks! Hint, hint!

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