McDonald's Is Getting Rid Of Its McFlurry Machines, But Don't Worry!

Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's.
Recently, McDonald's has developed a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to its McFlurries. We don't know if you've been affected by this, but many people have reported that nearly every time they head to the fast food chain to get their McFlurry fix, the machine that makes this ice cream treat is broken. Even if you haven't experienced this miserable situation, any ice cream lover can surely imagine how tragic it would be. Well it looks like McDonald's can no longer ignore the magnitude of the problem, so it's finally springing into action.
The Wall Street Journal recently reported that McDonald's will be doing away with the old McFlurry machines that always seem to have issues. When we first heard this news, we immediately started to worry that we'd never again get to taste that sweet frozen treat, but it turns out there was no need for the anxiety. According to WSJ, the chain will replace the machines with new and improved ones in its U.S. and European locations.
Unfortunately, there still aren't very many details on when this transition from one machine to the other will take place, so we may have to endure a few more McFlurry mishaps. We don't mind waiting a little while longer, but we definitely hope the replacement machines are up and running by the time summer rolls around. Once it gets hot, our McFlurry cravings get pretty powerful, so it's probably best if McDonald's gets everything in order sooner rather than later.

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