This Is What The Queen Of England Eats & — More Importantly — Drinks In A Day

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If I were the Queen of England, I would have my private chefs make me the most decadent dishes for every meal, and I'd enjoy expertly made gin and tonics whenever I wanted. I’d have chocolate cake for breakfast with slices of pepperoni pizza on the side. The pantry would always be stocked with Cool Ranch Doritos, and life would be so damn glorious. Unfortunately, I do not rule England, and that role instead falls to Queen Elizabeth, who has a much more realistic diet.
According to BusinessInsider, which recently profiled Queen Elizabeth's daily menu, she keeps things nice and simple in the mornings. You won't find chocolate cake on her breakfast tray, but instead just "a few" biscuits and a pot of Earl Grey tea. She doesn't even take her tea with milk or sugar, so like zero indulgence is happening there. She keeps the plain breakfast streak going by moving next to cereal or toast and marmalade. When the Queen is feeling a little wild, she'll request scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and truffle. Now we're talking.
Since the monarch keeps things so tame in the morning, she indulges a bit before lunch. BusinessInsider reports that Queen Elizabeth drinks a gin and Dubonnet on ice with a slice of lemon before she sit down for her midday meal. After the drink, she has a simple lunch of grilled fish or chicken and a vegetable side. Sigh. At least she had the gin as a starter.
The best part of being British must be the extra afternoon snack you get every single day with high tea. For her late afternoon meal, Queen Elizabeth likes those classic and cute finger sandwiches, tea biscuits, scones, and cake. I'm totally on board.
Finally, for dinner the Queen is served some sort of meat like beef or usually with a mushroom cream sauce. After that, she enjoys a dessert of strawberries or peaches. That's a tad disappointing, but the blow is slightly softened by the fact that she usually ends each day with a glass of champagne so at least she has a little fun in the evening.
While Queen Elizabeth's daily diet isn't the most exciting or impressive lists of foods I've ever seen, it makes sense for her. I suppose you don't live to 90 with a mind still sharp enough to run a country by eating mozzarella sticks all day every day. But, boy if you could, I'd live forever and be ruler of the universe and everything would be fantastic.

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